Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Latte Art

Here's a little something for those who think I take my coffee grinding, brewing and drinking too seriously.  This was actually on's front page, top stories section earlier today.  There's even a two-minutes, 46-seconds video for your enjoyment.

You can find the story here, titled The Latte With the Best Squiggle Wins.

Friday, February 1, 2008

New Providence Team Resources

We have some very gifted leaders at our church, and I thought it would be good to introduce you to three newly-released or soon-to-be-released resources that I believe could be very beneficial to your Godward progress.  For the two books mentioned below, I hope to provide in the future a sort of review, or at least overview, in order to give an idea of what to expect.  But for now, here is a brief snapshot.

Horner book cover Our senior pastor, David Horner, has written a new book titled A Practical Guide for Life and Ministry, which will be available in late February or early March from Baker Books.  The subtitle is Overcoming 7 Challenges Pastors Face.  Although this book is geared towards pastors as a primary audience, I would say that the principles are transferable to anyone who wants to live a balanced life regardless of role.  David has a passion to equip others in life and ministry.  His first major written work, Firmly Rooted, Faithfully Growing, contains a biblical framework for principle-based ministry, where he details a healthy model for church life, philosophy and structure.  He has also produced a book for fathers, Dad's Words of Wisdom.  Both of these books are available at our resource center.  Again, this new Life and Ministry balance book will be available by early March at most bookstores, and can be preordered now from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, CBD, WTS Bookstore, get the idea.

Wright book cover Our student ministries pastor, Steve Wright, also recently released a new book, reThink.  This book takes a thoughtful and respectfully critical look at where many youth ministries are today, and asks the reader the question: Are these types of student ministries accomplishing what we think and hope they are?  He has such a heart to see parents actively involved in their children's discipleship.  Steve's book is available several places as well, but we recommend you get it from the publisher, InQuest Ministries.

DR_Websmall Daniel Renstrom is our college ministry director.  Although you can hear Daniel's work on the college ministry worship team's previously released worship album called Vaunted Pleasures, and although he has sung with the Shelly Moore Band, this is his first solo venture (solo doesn't mean that he's not backed by a great band).  This six-track EP titled adore and tremble is excellent, and will bless your personal worship time.  It is available for purchase at Providence, and will soon be available online at his website and on iTunes.

I pray, along with these brothers of mine, that these resources will equip and encourage you.