Friday, May 16, 2008

reThink Conference 08 Notes

UPDATE: Alex Chediak has posted all notes.  Here is Session 1 (Leon Tucker), Session 2 (David Horner), Session 3 (Dave Owen), Session 4 (Steve Wright), and Session 5 (Randy Stinson).

Original post follows.


As mentioned in an earlier post, Providence Student Ministries Pastor Steve Wright has written a book titled, reThink (check here for details).  The convictions that inspired that book also initiated reThink Conference 08, which was hosted today at Providence.

Here is the purpose for the meeting from the conference's registration website:

The reThink Conference is for youth pastors, pastors, education pastors, parents and youth leaders who desire a greater biblical understanding of how the two primary institutions that God has established in the Bible—the family and the church—work together in the context of youth ministry.

Today's conference was sponsored by Providence, Two Institutions, and InQuest Ministries.

If you missed the conference, my new friend Alex Chediak has offered you a valuable resource: he live-blogged the conference, which means extensive notes will soon be available for you.  He even flew in from California to join us for the event.  At this writing, Alex's notes from the first session by Leon Tucker are posted, and the remaining sessions will follow as soon as he able to edit them.

You can find Alex's reThink Conference 08 notes in his blog.