Monday, July 21, 2008

The Precious Practice of Baptism

Since yesterday evening I've been pondering anew the precious practice of baptism.  I had the privilege and joy of sharing in the baptism of several folks at Falls Lake.  Along with three other pastors, we baptized 31 fellow believers.  Among those whom I was personally able to baptize were four young ladies from my LIFE class community.  As I watched them and our church family there in support of them, I couldn't help but think about how precious is this picture of redemption.

Without going into a full-length discussion of baptism, it suffices to say that as Baptists we immerse professing believers, who are old enough to place their trust in Christ, as an outward demonstration of an inward change.  This ordinance pictures the death, burial and resurrection of Christ, with whom we identify through faith.

I wanted to share with you the precious joy in our community of faith as several Christ followers gathered to be baptized in His name.  It was such a sweet day.  Just take a look.  Amy took some great pics for us from the shoreline.

IMG_0280 (2)  IMG_0282 (2)

IMG_0284 (2)  IMG_0289 (2)


Rachel, Rachel, me, Jaye, Laura