Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ten Years: From S1 to FLC and Beyond

In early August, I celebrated 10 years of teaching the same Bible study class at my church.  We began together as Singles 1 (S1), but later dropped the S descriptions, and the general plan was to start using teachers’ last names.  We decided that choosing a new name would help in building a new class identity, and ended up calling the group the Foundations LIFE Class (FLC), a place where young single adults can set the foundations upon which to build the rest of their lives.

Not only did a 10-year anniversary remind me how old I am, but far more importantly, it was a reminder that life is short, and that opportunities to serve God by serving others are too important to take lightly.  I thank God for the privilege of growing alongside this wonderful group of young adults!

Meeting in groups

This was taken this past Sunday, one of the rare times we meet in groups during class time.

Meeting in groups

Groups again.

2008 Kickoff Lunch

Although we have FLC folks at our home regularly, I could not find a recent shot, so this is from our annual kickoff lunch from about one year ago.

2009 Fall Retreat

Here’s the whole gang at our annual fall retreat in October.  What a blessing!