Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Year in Review 2009: Ray’s Pizza

The Bell #best09 Blog Challenge prompt for the day is to share a good restaurant moment from this year.  I had a restaurant moment just today with my friend Matt.  Jason’s Deli.  Half a Club Royale and a cup of Spicy Seafood Gumbo.  It was a good restaurant moment.

Come to think of it, any time I get to eat out is a good restaurant moment.

But one restaurant event that I thought might be blog-worthy comes from May of this year.  I’m quite certain I will write more about my parents’ adventure in coming days, but the basic idea is that during the week of Mother’s Day, my wife and I took my parents to New York City and Washington, D.C.  My parents had never been to NYC, and my mom had not been to D.C. either.  The trip was so much fun, and a blessing in many ways, but again, I will write more about it in short order.

For tonight, though, I will share a pic from one particular restaurant moment that I had forgotten about.  Here’s the scene.  We’re dragging my aging parents through NYC, taking the subway instead of walking whenever possible, and taking elevators to the subway whenever possible.  However, despite our best efforts to keep Mom and Dad from much physical exertion, getting around to all the NYC sites takes some energy.  It was time to eat, and we wanted some great pizza, so we stopped into Ray’s Pizza on 7th Avenue, just north of Times Square.

My dad’s health is worse than my mom’s, but you wouldn’t know it from this photo.  I quickly snapped it on my phone, and my mom gave me permission to post it.

Dad and Mom at Ray's Pizza

Part of Mom and Dad’s Big NYC Adventure.  Gotta love it. :)