Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Year in Review 2009

Last night I hurriedly completed an entry that probably didn’t make much sense to anyone who loosely follows what I ever-so-loosely write.  So let me explain.

One of our friends, Jenn, who is now a newlywed Cali gal, tweeted about Gwen Bell and her Best of 2009 Blog Challenge.  While I had not heard of Gwen, I thought this looked like an interesting global call to keyboards everywhere.  Gwen gives prompts for each day of December to post about the most memorable and #best09 happenings.

As I tried to quickly type up my short post for December 1, my sweet wife had the chutzpah (read with sarcasm) to ask me if there were any other dudes taking the blog challenge: “Is it primarily girls?” she asked.  I wasn’t sure what to think next: Was she just being facetious, or was she questioning my manhood?  Since I am still unsure of the answer to my question, I would like to use this post to affirm my manly goals in this series.

I have always been intrigued by the annual year-in-review-type shows that grace our television networks, especially “news” networks, this time of year.  Even before Thanksgiving had arrived, I saw an ad for a documentary that will replay the year’s top stories.  And I used to be unduly critical of shows that talk about the year’s best when we still have 1/12 of the year remaining.  I felt it could set low expectations of Decembers everywhere.  But now I see the benefits of remembering.

So, for a blog poser like me, this challenge gives the opportunity to share a year in review—to revisit all those things I should have posted throughout the year.  Let’s just say I’ll be taking the blog challenge in order to catch up from procrastination, which is very manly, and will make my wife very proud of her man.