Friday, August 20, 2010

A Loving Command – Miniseries Archive

We began this series on the biblical letter known as 1 Timothy with a miniseries called A Loving Command.  Paul starts off his letter to Timothy with a loving command for the church there.  The command?  Don’t teach strange doctrines.  Instead, they and we along with them, are to protect the integrity of the gospel, promote the goal of the gospel, proclaim the grace of the gospel, and preserve the progress of the gospel of Christ.  It’s for the glory of God, and it’s for our good.  Here are links to the miniseries.

  1. A Loving Command (Introduction)
  2. Protecting the Integrity of the Gospel (1 Tim 1.3-4)
  3. Promoting the Goal of the Gospel (1 Tim 1.5-7)
  4. Proclaiming the Grace of the Gospel (1 Tim 1.8-11)
  5. Preserving the Progress of the Gospel (1 Tim 1.18-20)