Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas All the Time

And Some Year-end Transitions

Somehow it never ceases to amaze me how early in the year businesses start to decorate with Christmas items.  I'm not opposed to starting to celebrate the season early—I love it!  But late October?  When it's still warm outside, at least in our climate, I have trouble getting into the mood.

The mood I'm talking about is of course those cozy, fuzzy feelings we like to have, or hope to have, during that special annual season from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  The problem is that we tend to forget we are to celebrate Christ's first advent, His first coming, every day.  My prayer for my immediate and extended family is that we all would appreciate and celebrate the sweet feeling of living in the gospel of Jesus every morning.

Speaking of extended family, my family is quite excited to soon call Fellowship Church in Burlington, North Carolina our "family."  As January approaches, we are working through all that it takes to transition our lives, so that we may plant them there.  We look forward to getting to know you, Fellowship!

But this week, it’s certainly cold enough.  Merry Christmas everyone!  Celebrate Jesus' first advent every day!  Every day may not be a holiday, but with Jesus, it is a holy day.