Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reflections and Celebrations

I love the month of December.

December makes most people either smile or cringe. I realize that the season is difficult for many, but it also reminds us of some very important truths.

First, I love December because of the obvious: It is the season of Christmas, the continual recognition that God came down to earth to be with us and save us. For this most incredible reason alone, this season is a glorious one.

Another reason I love this month is for all the Holidaypalooza around the season—with all the music and parties and decorations. The period of Thanksgiving through Christmas and then New Year is full of great celebrations. If you can wade through all the commercialization, it’s a really sweet time.

Finally, the end of the year marks a time of reflection. This year, like any other, brought many hardships and joys for our church family. We have been stretched. That’s why December can be so hard for some. But we grow through that process also. With the change of season comes an opportunity to remember all that God has done—even the hard things. And at the same time, it gives us an opportunity to refuel and start thinking about days ahead, and the plans God has for us. There is great hope for the coming year.

So I pray that you and I can both reflect and celebrate as we share this season together.