Monday, May 7, 2012

For Marriage

There are times when certain issues require our attention. For North Carolinians, this is one of those of those times.

At the end of our worship gathering at Fellowship yesterday, I shared with our congregation why I will be voting for the marriage amendment to our state constitution. While we do not endorse candidates, and carefully choose when we make any public comment on political matters, in my view this amendment is far greater than any merely political action.

Simply stated, I will vote for the amendment because marriage matters to God. He created marriage in the first place, immediately after He created Adam and Eve. And although there were cultural shifts throughout biblical times, it is clear that God’s purpose and design for marriage never changed. I have briefly written previously on marriage here and here.

To me, the greatest principle, coming from Ephesians 5 (see links above), is that we as husbands and wives, in one-man, one-woman covenant relationships, have a great privilege in sharing the gospel of God through the picture of marriage. It’s as simple as that.

Some have argued that it is not loving for us to keep marriage as defined as being between one man and one woman—that this excludes other types of relationships and is therefore unloving. To that, I would say that the most unloving thing that I can do is to have what I believe is the truth and grace for all cultures, and yet not share it. Not to give the truth, in loving and caring ways, is unloving.

These are the primary reasons why this vote is necessary and critical.

Some interesting and helpful commentary has been offered by JD Greear and David Horner.

If you live in North Carolina, I encourage you to vote for marriage, and for the marriage amendment, tomorrow on May 8.